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Client Testimonials

California State University, Channels Island Logo

“We recently completed a review of our planning and budget planning with NACUBO. Our experience was completely positive. From the beginning to end, our consultant’s experience, communication, engagement, patience, and availability was robust and very satisfactory. The end result was just what we needed.”

Kirk England
Assistant Vice Provost and Chief Academic Budget Officer
California State University - Channel Islands

West Dakota Tech Logo

“Our consultant has been an amazing resource for Western Dakota Tech in helping us refine and develop our financial statements. With her help and guidance, we have everything ready to go for this year’s numbers! Our consultant has been so patient with questions, willing to look over my drafts, and staying with us until we were ready to go live. It’s been a great experience working with NACUBO Consulting.”

Christine Goldsmith
Vice President for Finance and Operations
Western Dakota Tech

Viterbo University Logo

"I reached out to NACUBO Consulting when we faced an upcoming retirement of a long-serving CFO. The NACUBO team efficiently completed a thorough financial and operational assessment to guide me as we plan to fill this essential position and set priorities for the future. I was very pleased with my experience with NACUBO consulting and would highly recommend this group."

Glena Temple
Viterbo University

University of Alaska, Anchorage Logo

“Our experience with NACUBO Consulting was top notch. Our consultants found a viable path forward for our bookstore and housing operations that we had not been able to see for ourselves in years. Highly recommend NACUBO Consulting services when you’re feeling stuck, needing to problem solve or better understand best practices and current trends. I know we will be using NACUBO again in the future.”

Bruce R. Schultz
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
University of Alaska Anchorage

Valparaiso University Logo

"Our institution enlisted the services of the NACUBO consulting team to assist in leading our board of directors through a series of financial discussions that were crucial to the future of the university. The outside and seasoned perspective that NACUBO brought to the table during the board's retreat helped to frame various decision points. Our consultant brought a wide range of experiences and knowledge that were informative and on-point. Having third party validation and information provided our board with another level of due diligence that supported their fiduciary duty to the institution."

Susan Scroggins
Senior Vice President for Finance
Valparaiso University

The New American Colleges and Universities (NACU)

"Working with NACUBO Consulting has been a hugely rewarding experience for the New American Colleges and Universities. Their content expertise, research-based analysis, and genuinely professional and collaborative team have contributed positive ROI for initiatives that improve the academic and business performance of our campuses. And, it’s so fun to work with Jim!"

Sean Creighton
New American Colleges and Universities

Our Clients