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Space Issues

Making Sense of Space - evaluation of campus space is critical - and reduction of campuses can improve programs as well as operations. Business Officer Nov 2019 

The Right Facilities Fit - reshape space for smaller, more vibrant Business Officer April 2019 

Flex Space Strategy Has Benefits  Business Officer Jan/Feb 2019

Reshape Your Space - reuse in existing buildings.  Business Officer Dec 2018 

Space Utilization in Higher Education: more than just square footage per student 

Utilization of Classrooms in US Colleges and Universities. (pdf)

Keep Pace with Space- Business Officer Dec 2016 (article still relevant in 2019)

The LSC Guide: Planning for Assessing 21st Century Spaces for 21st Century Learners. This guide, developed by a working group convened by the LSC, is a template for exploring such questions. It is intended to advance efforts on individual campuses to imagine and shape new spaces, re-imagine and re-purpose existing spaces; it is intended to inform the national dialogue about why attention to physical learning environments matters.

Thought Leaders Symposium - APPA has more than three dozen higher education leaders that participate in issues on space use, deferred maintenance, facilities and technology, student success and remaking the facilities organizations. These sessions  include presidents, provosts, business officers, consultants, association executives, and facilities professionals - participated in a facilitated discussion and work session to identify, prioritize, and recommend solutions on the issues related to the cost of higher education.

Space Planning Guidelines (pdf) - from Minnesota State Colleges & Universities.


Energy Issues

Water Resourceful Business Officer May 2019 

Breezy and Bright - Business Officer May 2018 

Transfer of Power - Business Officer May 2017 

Sustainable Partnerships - Business Officer May 2016 

Pay it Onward - Business Officer May 2015

Improve your campus energy portfolio - check out the Better Buildings  Partnership in Education from the U.S. Dept of Energy.
Many no cost solutions can reduce campus energy by 10% or more. 

Better Buildings Financing Navigator 

2019 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook; review how more renewable energy sources are executed every year.

Podcast  #41 Public Private Partnership Builds (P3)  Steam at Syracuse in the NACUBO in Brief series 

University of California, Irvine: "Home Run" Energy Retrofits (Proven measures with near-certain cost/benefit results).

New Tips for Energy Efficiency - Check out Crucial Path Steps for a Program that Delivers the "50% Energy Solution".

Department of Energy has the free Better Buildings Webinar Series - proven experts on pressing topics. 

State solar policy resource: Midmarket Solar Policies in the United States.  

College Planning and Management, Arizona State University: Solar-Powered Sun Devils.

Energy 101 is a framework for educators, administrators, and other interested parties who would like to learn about the Energy 101 course framework and how their institutions can get involved in this effort.

Additional energy resources on this website.

Webcast  Containing Cost and Risk with Renewables - the Power Purchase Agreement Story, Date Recorded: April 14, 2016.

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