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Kenneth Souza

Kenneth Souza, University of South Florida Foundation

Kenneth Souza, senior director of investments for the University of South Florida Foundation, received the 2022 Rodney H. Adams Endowment Management Award for his outstanding contributions to professional development activities in the area of college or university endowment and investment management. He has worked for the University of South Florida Foundation since 2008, where he oversees more than $600 million in endowment and operating pool assets. Souza is also an active NACUBO volunteer, speaking at endowment-related events and providing advice on new endowment survey questions related to cryptocurrencies and other non-traditional assets, diversity in endowment manager selection, and more.



Bill Jarvis

Bill Jarvis, Bank of America Private Bank

Bill Jarvis is currently Bank of America Private Bank's managing director, market strategy and delivery executive. Previously, Jarvis served as the executive director of the Commonfund Institute, where he led educational, research and professional development activities, including partnering with NACUBO on annual endowment studies. Jarvis was a frequent speaker at the NACUBO Endowment and Debt Management Forum and more recently was the first presenter for the Endowment Master Class Series. 



Craig Woody, University of Denver (retired)

Craig Woody recently retired from the University of Denver as senior vice chancellor for business and financial affairs and treasurer after a 35-year tenure. Under Woody, the University of Denver’s endowment ballooned from $25 million to more than $700 million. He helped to lead the creation of the university’s spending policy as well as the foundational analysis and implementation of its UPMIFA compliance. Woody also used his expertise to benefit the business officer profession as a whole. He frequently helped plan the NACUBO Endowment and Debt Management Forum and presented at the inaugural NACUBO Fellows Program meeting. He served on, and later chaired, the Research Universities Council.



Elizabeth 'Libby' George

Elizabeth "Libby" George, North Carolina State University

Among her many accomplishments, Libby developed the NC State Foundation's Sustainable Responsible Impact Fund in 2014. In conjunction with this initiative, she has created and delivered numerous conference and workshop sessions on the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) best practices—including a session at the 2019 NACUBO Endowment and Debt Management Forum in New York City, where she received her award in February. In addition to her work on socially responsible investing, George manages and directs more than $1.2 billion of university investment portfolios in short-term, intermediate-term, charitable giving, and long-term endowments. George serves on the editorial committee for The Investment Institute, a North Carolina organization dedicated to education on the latest developments and trends in the financial marketplace. She has been a speaker at institute meetings as well as meetings of NMS Management and the Intentional Endowment Network. 


Sally Staley

Sally Staley, Case Western Reserve University

Sally Staley, who recently retired after 15 years at Case Western Reserve University (OH), received this award at the 2018 Endowment and Debt Management Forum in February. Staley served as Case Western’s chief investment officer, overseeing an in-house investment staff of six, managing $1.8 billion of globally diversified endowment and trust assets, $150 million of deferred benefit pension assets, and $1.7 billion in deferred compensation retirement plans. Staley also was chair of the Endowment and Debt Management Forum planning committee from 2015–16.


Lawrence E. Kochard - University of Virginia Investment Management Company


Don Fehrs - Evanston Capital Management


Verne Sedlacek - Commonfund


Scott Malpass - University of Notre Dame


Jack Rich - Abilene Christian University


Douglas Phillips - University of Rochester



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