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Grant and Foundation Partners

Working with foundations to strengthen higher education.

Partner with philanthropic organizations and foundations working to address the systemic challenges facing higher education in North America.

  • Thought partnership
  • Research
  • Policy insights and influence
  • Keynotes and conference workshops
  • Design and production of resources and tools to support strong student and institutional outcomes

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NACUBO's Expertise

NACUBO brings deep expertise in financial and operational frameworks of higher education to our partners. Our network of senior administrators and practitioners, people meeting the day-to-day challenges facing students and schools, are integral to the projects and programs supported by our foundation partners and funders.

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Our Process

Grants and special projects are each championed by a dedicated NACUBO staff member with relevant expertise. Projects are managed by skilled project management professionals and implemented by teams comprised of subject matter experts who have proven experience and dedicated capacity, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. By leveraging a mix of full-time staff and part-time contracted talent, NACUBO ensures that investments made by foundations and funders are used as promised, and aligned with expected outcomes.

Grants Currently in Process

NACUBO's commitment to efficient grant management; optimizing resources for good.

Student Success Planning Grant - Ascendium Education Group

NACUBO has been awarded a one-year $1.1 million planning grant from Ascendium Education Group. This funding supports research, and subsequent development of an infrastructure to support multi-institution projects that will improve student outcomes at colleges and universities that serve at least 40% Pell eligible students.

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Featured Institutions

NACUBO brought together two cabinet-level leaders from 40 higher education institutions and 14 HUB leaders from different schools, representing a total of 30 states, to help identify potential priorities that could be part of ongoing grant-funded activities. The Chief Business Officers/Chief Financial Officers (CBOs/CFOs) and their peer senior leaders who oversee equity, success, and completion activities discussed opportunities on how to improve student outcomes as well as support a positive return on investment (ROI).

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HUB Leaders

As a result of the Ascendium Education Group grant, 14 HUB leaders were chosen to form an advisory group to help play a key role in creating financial higher education business models that look to reduce the barriers to student success.

The 14 HUB leaders work at institutions that enroll at least 40% Pell-eligible students and represent 12 states across the country.

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Potential Priorities Identified

  • Developing financial models, tools, and training materials that support prioritization and investment in initiatives designed to improve equity and student outcomes.
  • Enhancing existing tools and training resources that link analytics-related activities to improved equity and student outcomes.
  • Identifying and creating efficiencies that materially reduce barriers and complexities facing students as they move through key business office areas in the institution.